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Lift Kits
Custom Fiberglass
Sound System Installations
Interior Build and Fabrication
LED/HID Lighting
Car Audio/Video Entertainment Installation

There are many things to consider when contemplating changing the suspension on your pickup.  How high should you go? What size tires will look the best? Is this solely for appearance, or are you planning on getting this good lookin' hunk of steel down and dirty? After the parts are picked then the choice is easy: Bring it into Blazin Auto to get it installed. Or set up a one-on-one consultation for help choosing the best possible products. We guarantee all of our work, and will be sure the parts are installed correctly the first time. With years of experience and in-house front end alignment, the choice is clear for all your lift and leveling needs.

Audio is an important part of life. From birdsong to falling rain, having the sounds as thunderous and clear, as they are in the nature that surrounds us, has always been our focus. Whether you need to replace a factory speaker that has sang it's last warrior cry, or if you are looking to set up an orchestra in the truck, we have what you need. This is where we started, and it is still our first love. Blazin Audio will take you to church with audio equipment from Phoenix Gold and Memphis.

Itchy, sticky, messy fiberglass! We have years of experience building award winning car audio systems with this malleable substance. We mold bumpers, create custom panels, construct kit cars, and help turn your dreams into reality. Check out our photo gallery of unique fiberglass creations, including the 12 foot tall peacock body that is on display at Green Grove Gardens. From simple to complex, Blazin Auto will give it their best.

From mild to wild, Blazin Auto can create your style. If you want a motorized flat screen to pop out of your dash, you got it. How about 6.5'' speakers in the kick panels of you classic vehicle? Need a bigger dash to fit that new Double DIN touch screen with Android Audio? Maybe you have a full size truck with a regular cab and you're about to catch a case if you don't get some bass! We will hear your needs and then cut, shape, and create your dreams.  

We stock HID and LED headlights in our retail store, but will gladly install any discounted brights you find on Amazon or E-bay. We're your one stop shop for mounting fans, ballasts, or any other challenging and illuminating install that comes along!

Back to our roots! Improving your daily commute makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Hands free audio provides a priceless safety feature. Hearing your loved ones voice coming through your speakers clearly makes the traffic that much more tolerable. Blazin' Auto has ALL of your car audio needs, from speakers to CD/DVD players, amplifiers to sub woofers, to digital sound processors. You may even find yourself looking forward to your drive to work. 

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